Utopia Restorations

Hello and welcome to Utopia Restoration a curated collection of automobilia, collectables, parts, classic cars and motorcycles. 

Utopia is the reimagination of Dystopia Workshop. Now as we go into our second year of operation we decided it was time for a big change. We now have our own workshop and yard which we are very happy to call our home. Along with this we have our first two projects a Fantic K-Roo 250cc 1991 and a Moto Guzzi Dingo 49cc 1960s which will be restored over the course of this month. 

We have some very exciting projects in the works including podcast's, feature length YouTube and most importantly a car meet at Caffeine and Machine on Sunday 30th May at 12:30! 

We cant wait to see where this project takes us and what the future holds!